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ifaceX 1.0.0 Preview

ifaceX is a highly-scalable interface exchange enterprise application transferring data from one endpoint to another, such as REST-API's, databases, CSV files & mails with interfaces such as HubSpot, PayPal, Spotify or finance APIs. The processing can be favourably customised including a flexible target-field-mapping based on formulas and data mapping can be done by a Drag'n'Drop user-interface. 

ifaceX will be shipped with the following modules:

  • ifaceX Administrator: Configure and customise your ifaceX installation & develop and test your interface processor configurations
  • ifaceX Templates: Standard interface processor configurations out-of-the-box, e.g. PayPal, IEX. Cloud (persistently supplemented)
  • ifaceX Web: Run your ifaceX jobs with a cron-like scheduler and monitor them
  • ifaceX Console Tools: Run ifaceX with your OS scheduler and console dev-tools
  • autumo enterprise products client area access
  • and more...

ifaceX will be delivered with different licenses (e.g. developer license with APIs) to meet your individual requirements.


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