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ifaceX 1.2.0 Preview

ifaceX is a highly-scalable interface exchange and monitoring enterprise platform transferring data from one endpoint to another, such as REST-API's, databases, CSV files & mails with interfaces such as HubSpot, PayPal, Spotify or finance APIs. In addition, it simply executes any process that can be surveilled too. The processing can be all-encompassing customised including a flexible target-field-mapping based on formulas and data mapping can be done by a Drag'n'Drop user-interface. 

ifaceX will be shipped with the following modules:

  • ifaceX:
    • Run your Interface Processors (IPs) - all at once, as many as you want or a single IP
    • Comes with lots of IPC templates to connect to many well-known cloud services per REST API
    • Besides sending data to REST, databases, CSV and mails, you can run and monitor any system program
  • ifaceX Scheduler:
    • Run ifaceX as a server that executes IPs with an internal scheduler (Quartz Scheduler)
  • ifaceX Web:
    • Schedule and surveil your Interface Processors in detail with an internal scheduler
    • Access Interface Processor data (e.g. status) per JSON REST
    • Operation Monitoring and Alarming with threshold levels (Email & SMS)
    • Available roles: Administrators, Operators & Controllers
  • ifaceX Studio:
    • Configure | Develop your Interface Processor Configurations (IPCs) within a GUI
    • Configure your ifaceX installation and test your IPCs
  • ifaceX Console Tools:
    • Run ifaceX with your OS scheduler and console dev-tools
    • Protect all sensitive data with advanced cryptographic algorithms
  • ifaceX Templates:
    • Standard interface processor configurations out-of-the-box, e.g. PayPal, IEX Cloud, SWIFT, HubSpot, Spotify, etc. (continuously supplemented)
  • autumo enterprise products client area access
  • and more...

ifaceX comes with different licenses, from small business license to large enterprise license including developer API documentation to meet your individual requirements. It is built to excel in enterprises with settled operation & monitoring



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